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Latest News of the Lab

Stay up to date with what's going on in the Krahn lab

Congratulations Kaia!

Congratulations to Kaia Klenberg for graduating from UGA's intense BCMB undergraduate program. She will be continuing in the lab for the summer while she plans her next pursuit!

May 2024_Kaia graduation_edited.jpg
Joshua Weiss

Moving synthetic biology into the classroom

Congratulations to Joshua Weiss for getting a grant for Communication of Research! Through this he will bring a synthetic biology lab experience to middle and high school students in Clarke and Jackson County.

A triple international threat

Congratulations to Ariadna Bolano for getting accepted (including scholarship) into three unique opportunities to expand her experiences internationally:

  1. UGA Study Abroad in Germany (Summer 2024)

  2. SHPEP in Pre-medicine at University of Nebraska (Summer 2024)

  3. UGA at Oxford (Spring 2025)

Ariadna Bolano
Chris Decker

Ready for summer research

Congratulations to Chris Decker for receiving a CURO undergraduate research fellowship to work on tRNA decoding this summer in the Krahn lab!

Our first symposium!

To finish out the first school year as a lab, graduate students Joshua Weiss and Antavius Cain presented their work and proposed research at the SER-CAT symposium at UGA, bringing home 2nd place in the poster competition!

SER-CAT symposium poster with Joshua Weiss
SER-CAT symposium poster with Antavius Cain
Krahn lab group photo Christmas 2023

The Krahn Lab is Growing!

After a busy first semester, we are excited to have a solid group in 2024! Welcoming rotation student Ahsan Ullah, graduate student Joshua Weiss, and undergraduates Kaia Klenberg and Chris Decker as new additions!

A 2 for 1 for SELENOM

Congratulations to Lance Nunes and Antavius Cain for Elucidating the role of SELENOM in their recent review in Antioxidants, which was also featured in the Scholarly Community Encyclopedia

Selenoprotein M in the body
Krahn lab Halloween photo 2023

Amino Acid Rockstars!

We always take an opportunity to celebrate! Halloween costumes this year were Amino Acid Rockstars featuring the Selenocysteine Star, Proline and Tryptophan.

Lab is open!

With minor hiccups along the way, equipment is set up and ready to go. Thanks to Antavius Cain for all the help to make this happen sooner than expected!

Krahn lab
Antavius Cain

Welcome to
Antavius Cain!

Without even officially starting, I had an opportunity to take on Ant as a rotation student. Best major decision as a new PI! The extra set of hands to get everything set up was a bonus. It is his expertise and knowledge in mammalian cell culture that I am excited to see in action, bringing some of our lab projects to life!

Opening August 1, 2023!

Lab is getting packed up, ready to send to UGA!

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