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Natalie Krahn

Principal Investigator

In the vast realm of scientific exploration, Natalie stands as a beacon of brilliance. Her postdoctoral research at Yale University with Dieter Söll led her to chart unexplored territories in synthetic biology, akin to a mariner drawn to the mysteries of the uncharted sea. Developing a profound affinity for the 21st amino acid, selenocysteine, she harnessed its potential as her guiding star. Prior to this, her foundation in biophysics was laid at the University of Manitoba under Jörg Stetefeld's guidance. It was there where she mastered the complex dance of protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions. Her adventurous and inquisitive spirit propels her quest, continuously exploring the vast ocean of scientific knowledge.

Antavius Cain

Graduate Researcher

Ant is undertaking his PhD voyage with the spirit of a seasoned navigator setting sail on uncharted waters. This voyage isn't about traversing oceans or seeking hidden treasures, but about charting the unexplored territories of biochemistry. Each challenge encountered is not an obstacle but a beacon, illuminating the path towards new discoveries. Guided by a compass of insatiable curiosity and fortified by an armor of unwavering diligence, Ant is committed to demystifying the complexity of selenoproteins. His journey, a tale of academic exploration, is as thrilling as any adventure saga, and each revelation he uncovers is a treasure in the realm of scientific understanding. Selenoproteins are  SUUUUUPPPPPPERRRR!

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Image by Matt Walsh


Incoming students

Attention all adventurous learners and enthusiasts of science! We extend a hearty invitation to both graduate and undergraduate students to join our ranks. As part of our team, you'll embark on an exciting voyage through the exhilarating waters of scientific discovery. We cherish more than just your previous academic and lab accomplishments – we are captivated by your unwavering curiosity and your passionate desire to unravel the enigmatic secrets of our world. Whether you are a seasoned explorer of lab domains or a newcomer ready to embark on this journey, it's your fervor for science that truly kindles our interest! Aboard our ship, every day heralds a new adventure, an opportunity to unearth fresh knowledge and contribute to our collective understanding of the cosmos. So, ready your compass, aim for our horizon, and prepare for an expedition as enriching as it is thrilling!

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Previous Mentees

The world is your oyster!

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